One of Each

Episode I -- Bowling Green to City Hall
Episode II -- City Hall to Canal St.
Episode III -- Canal St to Houston St.
Episode IV -- Houston St. to Union Square
Episode V -- 18th St. to Greely Square
Episode VI -- 32rd to 42nd St.
Episode VII -- 42nd St. to Columbus Circle
Episode VIII -- Columbus Circle to 72nd St.
Episode IX -- 72nd to 96th Streets
Episode X -- 96th to 120th Streets
Episode XI -- 120th to 145th Streets
Episode XII -- 145th to 168th Streets
Episode XIII -- 168th to 191st Sts
Episode XIV -- 191st to 230th Sts

I: Wall Street to City Hall        II: City Hall to Canal St.        III: Canal St. to Houston St.        
IV: Houston St. to Union Square     V: Union Sq to Greely Square     VI: Greely Square to 42nd St.
       VII: Times Square to Columbus Circle        VIII: Columbus Circle to 79nd St.        
IX: 79nd St. to 96th St.        X: 96th St. to 120th St.        XI: 120th St. to 145th St.  
XII: 145th St. to 168th St.        XIII: 168th St. to 191st St.        XIV: 191st St. to 220th St.        

Every four-letter word seen along Broadway, Manhattan, NY, from April 1 to August 17, 2022.