A Field Guide to New York City Manhole Covers

Stormwater Quality Unit

Hydro International
East Jordan Iron Works

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First Manhole Cover with a Website?

This unusual manhole cover is a candidate in the first manhole cover with a URL in New York City contest -- www.hydrointernational.biz. The company started in England in 1980, but the more important date is 2012, when the East Jordan Iron Works changed it's name to EJ. To narrow the window a bit more, the domain name .biz was inaugurated in 2001.


The somewhat clunky design has some connections to other East Jordan covers, but the central waffle-iron design seems like it might be best for -- making promotional waffles.


Storm water management.


This particular cover is in Coney Island, Brooklyn, near the Cyclone. It's the only example from Hydro International I have seen, although it is similar to several other stormwater covers made by the East Jordan Iron Works.

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Don Burmeister -- Photographs