A Field Guide to New York City Manhole Covers


Bronx Sewer Wheels

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If its a Ferris wheel it must be...

The design of this manhole cover speaks for itself - those 8 wheels around a center wheel can only mean one thing -- Bronx Sewer Manhole cover.


Without any written clues the dating of this cover is up for grabs. The design was in use for about 50 years, and the lack of lettering could be from any decade during that time. The outer seating for the cover is of the old Ship's Captain's Wheel type (with 8 stubs) which tends to be a early style, but the two may not be from the same era.




The design in its various permutations is found across the Bronx and on Staten Island, with a scattering of wildings in the other boroughs. This example was found in Kingsbridge Heights near the corner of Sedgewick Ave and Ft. Independence St.

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