A Field Guide to New York City Manhole Covers

SEWER 1881

Bronx 23rd Ward

cover image

Unattributed cover from the Bronx

In the newly annexed areas of the Bronx the responsibility for sewer construction lay with the Department of Public Parks (the Dept of Public Works was responsible in Manhattan). Some other covers from this period include DPP in their inscriptions, but this one is blank. The space filled by 3 of the 9 roughly drilled vent holes.


The design is directly descendent from the Croton Water Department covers of 20 odd years earlier, except that the number of spokes in the wheel is down to a symmetrical 16. Note also the ships Captain wheel design of the setting ring.




Similar to a number of other covers in the south Bronx. This one can be found at E 137th St. and Third Ave.

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