A Field Guide to New York City Manhole Covers

Wide Bell Icon

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Recent Bell

This 'bell system' cover is actually quite new. Judging by the ej foundry tag on the rim, and the East Jordan Iron Works company web page , the ej tag was introduced in 2012. In New York the bell service mark was owned by Verizon, which stopped using the icon in 2015. Welcome to New York kid.


Despite being a youngster, this cover uses nearly century old iconography in its design. The bell icon, has been used by Bell Telephone/AT&T since 1889 and the distinctive hexagonal pattern designed by Wirt Roland has been in use by AT&T subsidiaries and offspring since 1928. Among the variant designs this one is notable for the inner and outer cogs on the central 'gear.'




this cover is on Staten Island at Bay St. and Victory Boulevard. Similar 'Wirt Roland' style covers are found throughout the city (and the world, for that matter) with different center badges.

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