A Field Guide to New York City Manhole Covers


New York Edison

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1901 to 1936

The original Edison Electric Illuminating Co of New York was bought by its arch rival the Consolidated Gas Company of New York in 1889, which operated it as an independent company. The EEI was then merged with several other power companies in 1901 to form New York Edison, still under the aegis of Consolidated Gas. New York Edison continued as a separate company until 1936 when Consolidated Gas combined all of its various holdings in New York into one large company Consolidated Edison of New York.


This NYE cover is a near duplicate of the only EEI cover we have left . A wheel and spoke design with 8 main spokes with additional spokes added as the spokes cross the first two concentric rings. The pattern of spokes would have created 24 coffered spaces on the outer ring, except for the disruptive N Y E between the second and third ring. the stabilizing captains wheel surrounding the cover originally had 12 pegs.


New York Edison had several different cover designs during its 35 year run, but this design (and similar six spoke version) overlap with designs used by both the Edison Electric Illuminating Company at the turn of the century, and the Consolidated Edison Company of the 1930's. (Compare images below).


The NYE covers are scattered around Manhattan, this one is on Pearl St. near Foley Square.

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