A Field Guide to New York City Manhole Covers


Staten Island Ferris Wheel

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Sister Boroughs

This type of sewer cover is found in many places across Staten Island as well as throughout the Bronx. It originated in the pre-consolidation 23rd and 24th Wards (now the western half of the Bronx.) in the 1880's. It is unclear if this one was brought from the Bronx's inventory or ordered from the same foundry with the same design. This cover seems to have had part of it's original inscription scrubbed off, leaving just a few bits of letters on the lower half.


This is the classic Ferris Wheel design with 9 vent holes.


The Sewer text is clear, what was cast on the lower half remains a mystery.


This design is found scattered throughout Staten Island and the Bronx, with a few examples found in Manhattan and Brooklyn. This example is from Harrison Ave at Maple Ave in Port Richmond, just catty-corner from an old hangout of mine, Buddy's Wonder Bar.

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