A Field Guide to New York City Manhole Covers

D P W SEWER 1879

cover image

Flip - Flop Cover Up

This is a rarely spotted cover, and the end of a decade-long series of the D.P.W. SEWER. YEAR lids. Usually covered by a parked car on the west side of Morningside Drive, it continues the indecision of how to place the lettering around the central wheel. In this case it reverts back to the original alignment seen in 1870 - digit feet outward; letter feet towards the center.


Other than the lettering, the design stays faithful to the original design. This cover does not sit in a captains wheel like the others.




The year is the youngest of this series and the only example I have seen. It's on Morningside Drive in back of Cathedral of St. John the Devine, on the west side of the street, but is usually underneath a parked car. Before you go check HERE for the latest Alternate side of the street parking rules to see when the cover is visible.

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