A Field Guide to New York City Manhole Covers


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A Coal Hole for the 21st Century

One Eighteen Pierrepont St. is a sturdy, well-kept 19th century row house in the Brooklyn Heights Historical District (the first in the city!). While the building is a well-behaved addition to the historic streetscape, it's 21st century star bursts forth from it's sidewalk coal hole! Brassy with an understated elegance, it is certainly not used for coal today, There may well be some subterranean hardware under this cover, but it definitely retains the one function that the neighborhood's decorative coal-liids have always had, showing off the owner's good taste (and bankroll.) Kudus to you 118 Pierrepont St.


The design in a brassy alloy is appears to have been hand scored, with variations on the lines giving it an artful look.


Cover for a former Coal Hole.


Unique to the sidewalk in front of 118 Pierrepont St. in Brooklyn Heights.

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