A Field Guide to New York City Manhole Covers

Blank Coal Hole Cover

12 spokes 2 'handles'

cover image

This rather pedestrian coal hole cover is probably related a similar cover seen in Brooklyn that has a foundry inscription and a date 1938 . The JW Fiske Iron Works Company dates back to Civil War days and lasted until the 1970's and was known for its decorative gates and fountains , a decorative sense that didn't seem to trickle down to coal coverssee Walter Grutchfield (of course!) for more.


The simple design is notable for the large featureless outer ring. The similarities with the Brooklyn Fiske cover are in the spokes and especially in the 'handles' which are actually raised protective areas around the lift holes.


Coal Delivery


This item is rare today with this cover on West 84th St between Broadway and West End Ave the only one I have encountered.

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