A Field Guide to New York City Manhole Covers



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B for Brooklyn?

This unusual cover is found between two hangars at Floyd Bennete Field in Brooklyn. This former airport was built from the late 1920's through WWII, before being de-comissioned in 1972 to become a part of the Gateway National Recreation Area. The meaning of the large B is unclear. The cover is unusual in not having "Floyd Bennett Field" appear in the design, as most on the site do.


The rings of anti-slip nubs, in this case tiny pyramids, was a widespread mid-20th century motif; curiously almost always with 7 rings. The stylized B at the center of the cover is unusual, and some old Brooklyn Dodger fans might get a little twinge from the curved top and bottom lines, but alas a glance at some old Dodger Logos brings us back down to tarmac level.


It is unclear what lies beneath this cover.


This item is unusual, and perhaps unique. It is located between hangars 1 & 2 at Floyd Bennett Field off of Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn.

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