A Field Guide to New York City Manhole Covers


Public Service Commission

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PSC in Brooklyn

The Public Service Commission is today a state agency concerned with water and power Issues, but in 1907 it was chartered to oversee subway expansion in New York City (the Dual Contracts). The PSC was responsible for subway construction until 1924, when New York City gained local control. The PSC worked with the two private subway/el companies The Interborough Rapid Transit Company and the New York Municipal Railway Corporation. Usually PSC is balanced with IRT or MRC, although there are some examples like this on without either.


The double strand basket-weave pattern started its path to city-wide dominance here. Note that the individual strand of the weave have rounded ends in this version. The 12 ventholes are in descreet block, although in a somewhat haphazard pattern.


Most PSC covers were for electrical distribution.


This cover is found on Flatbush Ave near DeKalb in downtown Brooklyn.

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